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i take pictures of things sometimes !

a green and brown praying mantis standing in a tree and looking at the camera. its right feet cling to a leaf while its left feet rest on a branch. a closeup photo of a coiled rattlesnake with large scales of varying shades of gray and brown. the side of its head and one striking gray eye are visible in detail in the center of the frame a florida softshell turtle. it has a long neck and long nose which it is pointing to the camera a pair of mallard ducks, one male and one female, standing on some fallen pine needles. the male is higher in the frame and has his head turned to the side, while the female is lower and is looking more straight-on a squirrel among red rocks. it is standing on its hind legs and letting its arms hang down in front of it. it is looking at the camera with an intrigued expression. its tail is obscured behind its body a slightly blurry photo of a light brown river otter as seen through a pane of glass. the otter has her body horizontal under the water and her stomach faces outward. her head is above the water and she is looking at the camera. blue water and various rocks make up the background. a female wallaby standing on her hind legs and looking slightly to the side. the head of a small joey is sticking out of her pouch. a young cow with a brown body, white face, and large pink nose, wearing a green halter. he is laying in a pen with his front legs tucked underneath him and he has his mouth open as if smiling. his large flat tongue is clearly visible inside his mouth